School Day

School Day

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8.50    Bell to signal the opening of doors

9.00    Bell to signal the end of the registration period (doors closed)

9.00    Session 1 – (1 hour)

10.00 -10.15      Assembly (only on Mondays and Fridays for Reception) in the school hall

Reception & Key Stage 1

10.15         Snack time

10.30       Session 2 – (30 mins)

11.00         PLAYTIME

11.15          Session 3 – (1 hour)

12.15         LUNCHTIME

1.15           Session 4 – (1 hour)

2.15          PLAYTIME

2.30         Session 5 – (1 hour)

3.30         Hometime

Key Stage 2

10.15         PLAYTIME

10.30        Session 2 – (1 hour)

11.30         Session 3 – (1 hour)

12.30        LUNCHTIME

1.30          Session 4 – (1 hour)

2.30          Session 5 – (1 hour)

3.30          Hometime

Children in Key Stage 2 do not have a shared Playtime in the afternoon.  However, teachers use their discretion to offer some form of a break between lessons at an appropriate time


All children should wait on the playground until the doors open. Parents/carers are welcome to wait with children.

Children are able to come to school at 8.50 am. There are 3 entrances for the children to use.  Children must not come in through the main front entrance. If parents need to call at the office please see your child into the school first and then proceed to the office.

We would ask that you do not come to school with your child at this time as the cloakrooms are very small and soon get crowded. Messages are best relayed to teachers via a written note brought in by your child. If this is not possible, please see the school secretary. We like to get the day off to a prompt start so if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher then please arrange this for the end of the day.

The doors remain open until 9.00 am. All doors are monitored by a member of staff during the time they remain open. Children arriving after this will need to enter via the main entrance and report their arrival to the school secretary. Children arriving after 9.00 am are marked as ‘late’.

On the occasions of wet weather, we will endeavour to open our doors at 8.45 to enable children to shelter.

Our Out of School Club is available for children who arrive earlier and we strongly recommend that parents utilise this facility, particularly for younger children, unless you are staying with your child until the doors open.

The club is open on an evening for parents unable to collect their child at 3.30 pm. Please go to the school office to ask about places and costs.